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V8AUDIO was founded to deliver an audio solution  for the specialty and custom vehicle marketplace. Until V8AUDIO there has not been a “fix” for the problems associated with having music in your classic or custom.
Previous choices have been limited:
  • Tear up the dash to accommodate a player
  • Disturb the original look with a “look a like” costly after  market radio (most likely they don’t offer your model)
  • Install a cd player in the glove box
  • Hang a cd player under the dash
  • Do without your favorite tunes (unacceptable)
Now you have a choice
V8AUDIO has developed a solution that incorporates the best value in car audio components with the best, easiest most advanced way to play music.
  • Once the  VC1 is installed, just plug in your PMP (can be Ipod, Iphone, MP3, Walkman, satellite radio, portable cd, or any other device with an earphone output).
  • No more cd’s to worry about, no more remotes to lose.
  • Most PMP’s (MP3/Ipod/Iphone) are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.
  • Volume and song selection are at your fingertips, no need to take your eyes off the road.

Plus the VC1 is small enough to mount anywhere. Of course we prefer out of sight.

It’s that easy!
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     1st V8AUDIO                System Install   
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Classic and custom car audio installation solution
With the V8AUDIO system there are no electronics in sight. You can have your interior look the way you want.
It's easy and you have the latest digital technology available.
Another V8AUDIO SYTEM install
"Don't Chop That Dash"
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Another cool V8AUDIO ride
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VC1 Controller