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  • Who is V8AUDIO?
V8 Audio Corp. was founded to provide a quality sound solution for the specialty vehicle market. V8AUDIO's products are the result of extensive R&D, resulting in "Performance Matched" systems. V8AUDIO manages control of the design, engineering, manufacturing and packaging process from inception to delivered product.  We are confident that we are delivering a feature packed product at the best allowable cost.

  • What is the V8AUDIO advantage?
V8AUDIO has designed and developed a solution that uses the convenience and performance of digital technology. If you have a custom or classic car you can now keep the interior “clean” by not having audio electronics clutter the interior. Now, the original classic car interior can be left undisturbed. There is no need to find room for a bulky compact disc player, no remote control to keep track of, no expensive cd’s to scratch or lose.The V8AUDIO system is managed via V8 Audio’s compact, exclusively designed VC1 Audio Controller which allows maximum tuning over the sound and speaker settings. The volume and song selection are at your fingertips through your Personal Music Player. No electronics are in view; your interior remains stock looking.Simply unplug the PMP and store when not in use. The system will shut down when the PMP is unplugged from the VC1 Audio Controller. Your interior is clean, chance of theft and or vandalism is reduced.

  • How will V8AUDIO perform?
V8 Audio components are designed and engineered to exceed today’s high audio expectations. The sound quality will rival that of much more expensive systems.

  • Why about a compact disc player?
V8AUDIO is designed for use without the need for a compact disc player. This eliminates installing a bulky player and/or a trunk mounted changer. No more scratched compact discs, no more lost or stolen compact discs, no more annoying skipping, no more lost remotes.

  • If there is no cd player, where does the music come from?
Digital storage and playback is the future of music.1000’s of songs can be stored on a PMP that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand). Simply plug your music device  (PMP---IPod, Satellite radio, MP3, Iphone, Walkman or any other portable music device that has an earphone jack) into the auxiliary input on the VC1 Audio Controller and start listening to your favorite music. It’s that easy.

  • Can I use my existing aftermarket stereo/compact disc player with  V8AUDIO?
Yes, V8AUDIO components can be used with most existing and/or aftermarket systems. Please refer to your stereo system owner’s manual for installation information. V8AUDIO’s installation guide has detailed instruction, see Technical page

  • Will my original radio play through the V8AUDIO System?
It could be done, but is not advisable. The V8AUDIO Systems are designed to operate independently from the original radio system. You can leave the original radio in place.

  • What about FM stereo?
Some MP3 players have built in FM tuners. PMP players with FM utilize internal antennas so the original vehicle antenna is not necessary and can be eliminated if desired

  • Where do I get the music for my PMP player?
It is best to follow the instructions of your PMP player. Music may be uploaded to a PC from your compact disc collection to a music management software program (usually free) or music can be purchased from “on line” music resellers like Itunes, Napster, Rhapsody and many others. The uploaded music is stored in one of the free music management programs. The transfer of music from the PC to your PMP is easy. You select the music you want, no need to worry about taking along a bunch of compact discs that can easily be scratched, lost or stolen. Having a 1gb player is equal to 240 songs or about 24+ CDs, without the hassle.

  • How many songs will fit onto a PMP player?
The amount of songs is dependent on the amount of storage in the PMP and the music format type. A 1gb unit will hold over 120 songs; a 512Mb will hold about 60 songs. Top of the line Ipod units have as much as 160Gb and can hold 40,000 + songs.

  • How long will my PMP play before I lose battery life?
See your PMP player’s instructions. Depending on the unit, about 6-10 hours. Some units use replacement batteries, more costly units use a built in rechargeable lithium ion battery that will last around 10 hours

  • How do I control the music?
The PMP is at your side.  Song and volume are easily controlled with easy PMP toggles or buttons. No need to fumble with an out of reach cd player

  • Can I install the system or should a professional shop do the installation?
It depends on the expertise of the individual. If the installation directions are followed, the installation should go smoothly. Detailed, easy to understand instructions make it a snap to install. The most difficulty is with the speaker placement. The rest of the installation is fairly basic and does not require special tools. If you are not confident in your ability, please consult a professional.

  • What if my V8AUDIO system requires service?
V8AUDIO products are guaranteed for 13 months from purchase date. In the unlikely event that service is required you will return the defective item to V8 Audio or to the V8 Audio dealer from where you purchased. At our discretion, V8 Audio will repair or replace. We know your music is important so we will “turn around” as quickly as possible. Contact tech@v8audio.net

  • Where can I purchase V8AUDIO?
Our goal is to have V8AUDIO products at leading restoration and vehicle hobby shops nationally. Only authorized retailers will be approved for Internet sales. Product also is available by ordering directly from V8AUDIO at www.v8audio.net or call 714.970.6342

  • What is the difference between the V8AUDIO systems?
Speakers are the only difference between the 3 systems.  Each system includes a VA1Amplifier, VC1 Audio Controller, VWK5 Amplifier Wiring Kit, VPK5 cabling kit, V693 6x9 speakers. The difference is which  front speaker configuration you want. You can choose the system that fits your needs.
------ V8AUDIO VS-3 system includes 3.5” hi performance replacement type speaker
------ V8AUDIO VS-4 system includes 5.25” 2 way
------ V8AUDIO VS-6 system includes 5.25” midranges, tweeters and external crossovers

  • Can I purchase the components separately or do I have to buy the complete system?
Systems offer the best value, but we understand you may not need the whole system, so we offer  individual components

  • Does V8AUDIO offer accessories?
Yes: Wiring kits, cabling kits, 12 volt charger with dual USB and V8 Audio’s 6x9” nostalgic speaker grills. They are great for grabbing that look of yester year. Please see Product page

  • Does V8AUDIO sell PMP players?
Yes. Please see Product page
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